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Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing Side by Side for you and your doggy. 

Id prefer your pup to be wearing a harness and flat collar so that we can switch between. (No slip leads are allowed in class)

Please keep dog on lead at all times unless asked to remove it.

Please respect personal space of the other dogs and keep an appropriate distance in class until advised of correct social contact.  I appreciate the pups may be excited but appropriate meeting and greeting other dogs is just one of the items we will be covering.  You know your dog may be friendly towards others but we cannot guarantee that other dogs will be especially in an exciting enviroment. 

You are responsible for your dogs behaviour at all times.

Please pick up after your dog and let me know so that the area can be washed down.  Accidents can and will happen and this isn’t a problem so please don’t be embarrassed if this does happen.

Your dog must be fully vaccinated to attend and not suffering from any infectious diseases.  However pups can attend with just first vaccination but have to be carried to and from the car.  Please call me if your dog is poorly (07779121440)

Your dog cannot attend if she comes into Season.  If this happens mid term then you are more than welcome to attend without pup as a spectator and a space on the next block of classes can be offered at a reduced rate should you wish to bring your dog along to classes missed.

I use reward based methods only therefore any aversive/harsh handling will not be allowed and I will guide you in a way to get your dog to do or not to do in a positive and appropriate manner.

Please ensure you bring lots of yummy and varied treats.  Dogs usual food can be used  but you do need to bring with you what I call a hierarchy of rewards depending on what the exercise is that we will be doing.  I will always have spare with me also.

Family members are also welcome as I feel it is invaluable that all members of the family are involved with pups training.  All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It is also helpful if their initial burst of energy is worked off before class.  However I do always start with an exercise that involves them having the opportunity to say hello to the other dogs.  This first exercise is please done in silence for the humans in the room! 

To get the most from the classes please refrain from conversation during class with others around you :-)

There will be 5 minutes at the end of each session for Q&A however answers will be discussed the following week.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to be part of a WhatsApp group chat specifically designed for class lesson summaries, information sharing and support throughout your time with us.

All questions may not be answered as it may be suggested that a private session is necessary as a minute or 2 conversation may not suffice a solution.


All payments for classes taken via the website only.

Cancellations must be made 2 weeks before the class starts and if less than this and your space cannot be filled no refund will be offered.  Depending on the circumstances of you cancellation you may be able to transfer onto our next block of classes.  Classes are kept to small numbers of 6 I allow for individual attention.
If I cancel an evening then I will send a text as soon as I am aware (this will only be done in extreme circumstances.)


In line with current legislation details on your booking will not be passed onto any 3rd party and I will only contact you regarding training and future courses.  Please let me know if you wish me to delete your details after your course.  By booking onto this course you are giving me consent to hold onto and process your data for training purposes only.


Please let me know if you wish for photos/videos of you or your pup to be used in advertising on Facebook or Instagram where photos of the evening class will be posted.  Please pop over to my page Side by Side and click LIKE to see your pup on the page.